Ratafià is the luxury flat of the “Bifora65” complex. Located on the top floor of the historic “Villa Giovanetti”, it is on one floor and has a separate entrance. An extremely well-kept and bright space, offers its guests comfort and elegance through the selection of furnishings and fabrics to discover the true dimension of hospitality made in Italy. Ratafià is composed of a large and refined master bedroom with bathroom, shower and bathtub; a single room with two separate beds (one of which can be pulled out); a second bathroom with shower; fully equipped kitchen; bright and elegant living room with sofas and dining area. Completing the flat are a wide range of outdoor options: from the long balcony with table for summer breakfasts to the relax area with armchairs and parasol, from which you can enjoy the view of the lake and the surrounding greenery; and, finally, the private courtyard, bordered by jasmine walls, with designer table chairs. Ratafià guests also have access to the lakeside garden of the “Bifora65” complex equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and tables in the solarium area and a pier for mooring.

Flat no. 5

Flat no. 5   PetroL MinimaL

Two levels for this “studio” with a private balcony (3sqm), from which you can admire the couture of the surrounding greenery. Comfortably communicating with the living area, it offers an original perspective view of the lake and its island and a view of an internal courtyard of the historic villa. In these environments, the interior design has aimed to create a dialogue between space and light, favoring a fusion between inside and outside. The latter especially comes into play with the presence of the main stone wall, painted, in this case, with white paint to amplify its brightness. The spaces are restful, tidy, fluid and the minimalist furnishings contribute to suggest the appearance of sober lightness. In the living area, with its compact kitchenette derived from a nautical concept, the petrol-blue sofa and chairs contrast harmoniously with the grey and turtledove palette of the structure. On the floor, the tactile and visual pleasure of the nuanced resin underlines the functionality and contemporaneity of the rooms. Adjacent to the living room is the bathroom. The natural colour of the stone, which characterizes the facade, is here re-proposed from the finish of the handmade Valcromath wardrobes, rigorously custom-made, placed at its entrance. From the living room, through an essential iron spiral staircase, also milk-white, you enter the master bedroom. On the fabric bed, the Velux filters further light as if in a game, invading the aquatic gradation of the velvet cushions and the softness of the boutis. Being suspended without enclosures, aside from the white iron balustrade, from this high floor you can appreciate the vertical interpretation of the perfectly enhanced and optimized spaces. A page on the different forms of creativity. A different perspective… .

Flat no. 4

Flat no. 4   Inspiration O-p-t-i-c-a-l

Two levels for this “studio” complete with a large private terrace (36sqm): a solarium space defined by the geometry of boxwood and young leylandii plants in oversized Ikon pots. Directly communicating with the kitchen and living area, the outdoor space equipped, like a large stage, wonderfully embraces the scenery of the lake with its island and opposite shores. An alchemy of light and greenery to participate in and be regenerated daily. Inside, the living area reveals its contemporary orientation and superb attention to functionality: from the camouflaged kitchenette, custom-made from nautical concepts, to the refined practicality of the industrial resins that make the floor, to the natural stone wall, that thanks to a careful project has been preserved at double height, thus forcing the light in from the two overlapping openings. A calibrated planning work, consisting of the liberation of spatial and lightning constraints to ensure maximum transfer of the external elements to the interior. Adjacent to the living room is the bathroom designed with a well-thought placement of handmade grey Valcromath wardrobes at its entrance. From the living area, through an iron spiral staircase, you access the sleeping area, an open and linear space, articulated by the white iron balustrade overlooking the water: innovation, with a hint of nostalgia. What gives further lightness to this floating room is the ceiling Velux, which almost converts it into a small greenhouse. In the more open spaces, the white and charcoal black of the optical suggestions are interrupted only by cleverly placed ruby-red grafts. For the rest, the studio is chromatically uniform, in a game of adjacent grey and turtledove shades inspired by the stone of which the whole house is made. A restful modern fresco. Perfection just happens…

Flat no. 3

Flat no. 3    Blue & Toffee

Only one floor for this blue-caramel “studio” overlooking the lakeside garden. In the living room, the window, placed in the blank stone wall frames the pink and white flowered magnolias in a game of void and solid spaces. A real coup de théâtre. While the lights outside, on the water, are constantly changing. With raw cement ceilings and the material comfort of the resin floor, the living area is functional and inspiring. A smart, contemporary interpretation of an area of the home that was once the extension of a storage area. The compact, customized kitchenette perfectly dialogues with the relaxing mood of the linen sofa and the paper-cover lights on the dining table. Adjacent to the living room is the bathroom with handmade wardrobes in grey Valcromath placed at its entrance. Behind it, in the quietest part of the house, is the cosy master bedroom, with a four-poster bed in wengè, lighted up thanks to a French window overlooking an internal courtyard. Linear, pacifying spaces; minimal furnishings that respond to an essential, and always present, aesthetic sensitivity. The color scheme is also carefully supervised to contribute to this sense of open air breathing: the decorative project, in fact, ranges from the dusty nuances of plaster to mastic, from light greys to dark toffee, paired with the complementary blue. A tribute to the lake for these convivial rooms. Rooms for conversation… .

Flat no. 2

Flat no. 2   Sage green: SofTouch

This “studio” is developed on tho levels, with a small private courtyard (14sqm) directly communicating with the kitchen and the living area. Ideal corner for having breakfast and enjoying a moment of relaxation. A window, overlooking the internal courtyard, brings sunlight to the kitchenette built into the stone wall. As for the interiors, you’ll find wall units alternated with wall niches and exposed shelves, combining functionality and aesthetics in the same solutions. Entering from the outside, the green colours of the countryside are transferred into the delicate sage palette of the interiors. The renovation, aimed at eliminating redundancies and superfluous items, has created a balanced and restful environment. The raw concrete ceiling finds its double in the grey-coloured resin floors. Following the wooden, iron and crystal staircase, you’ll enter the master bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. Minimalistic style and maximum customization: in this nicely color-balanced space, a late medieval portal set in the original stone wall also makes a fine show, while the solution of the crystal parapet breaks through the enclosed space and allows to appreciate the stone wall’s internal division functionality. The absolute attention to detail, the refinement in the finishes can also be noticed in the bathroom’s Valcromat furnishings, rigorously tailored, which gift us the well-thought detail of having a window above the sink top. Finally, the ceiling Velux, a versatile solution to enhance the natural light of these environments, soaked in history. Surrounded by essential beauty, you can rest. Tailored dreams… .

Flat no. 1

Flat no. 1   Deep grey, with mustard

Four levels for this “studio” in which mustard details rhythm the grey palette on the walls. On the ground floor, the kitchen is invaded by light from its window, which perfectly frames the lake garden and island. Descending one level leads to a cosy bathroom, with a comfortable maxi shower with black mosaic flooring. Following the beautiful staircase in wood, iron and crystal parapet you are in the master bedroom. Here the star is the four-poster bed in wengè, which dialogues with the stone finishes of the double-height wall and the full-size glass windows that saturate the room with light. Handcrafted Valchromat cabinets with dusty colours meet the energy of industrial resin flooring. Going up one more floor will make you reach the relaxation lounge. In this former barn, the renovation has introduced a second, large window that literally incorporates the green, natural theatre behind it: the hill of Sacro Monte. Thanks to the lighting, in this space, calibrated to offer an unexpected perceptive experience, there are always new green and blue frescoes. Because there are two perspectives to choose from: earth and water. Design & soul.