Flat no. 2

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Flat no. 2   Sage green: SofTouch

This “studio” is developed on tho levels, with a small private courtyard (14sqm) directly communicating with the kitchen and the living area. Ideal corner for having breakfast and enjoying a moment of relaxation. A window, overlooking the internal courtyard, brings sunlight to the kitchenette built into the stone wall. As for the interiors, you’ll find wall units alternated with wall niches and exposed shelves, combining functionality and aesthetics in the same solutions. Entering from the outside, the green colours of the countryside are transferred into the delicate sage palette of the interiors. The renovation, aimed at eliminating redundancies and superfluous items, has created a balanced and restful environment. The raw concrete ceiling finds its double in the grey-coloured resin floors. Following the wooden, iron and crystal staircase, you’ll enter the master bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. Minimalistic style and maximum customization: in this nicely color-balanced space, a late medieval portal set in the original stone wall also makes a fine show, while the solution of the crystal parapet breaks through the enclosed space and allows to appreciate the stone wall’s internal division functionality. The absolute attention to detail, the refinement in the finishes can also be noticed in the bathroom’s Valcromat furnishings, rigorously tailored, which gift us the well-thought detail of having a window above the sink top. Finally, the ceiling Velux, a versatile solution to enhance the natural light of these environments, soaked in history. Surrounded by essential beauty, you can rest. Tailored dreams… .