Flat no. 3

Flat no. 3    Blue & Toffee

Only one floor for this blue-caramel “studio” overlooking the lakeside garden. In the living room, the window, placed in the blank stone wall frames the pink and white flowered magnolias in a game of void and solid spaces. A real coup de théâtre. While the lights outside, on the water, are constantly changing. With raw cement ceilings and the material comfort of the resin floor, the living area is functional and inspiring. A smart, contemporary interpretation of an area of the home that was once the extension of a storage area. The compact, customized kitchenette perfectly dialogues with the relaxing mood of the linen sofa and the paper-cover lights on the dining table. Adjacent to the living room is the bathroom with handmade wardrobes in grey Valcromath placed at its entrance. Behind it, in the quietest part of the house, is the cosy master bedroom, with a four-poster bed in wengè, lighted up thanks to a French window overlooking an internal courtyard. Linear, pacifying spaces; minimal furnishings that respond to an essential, and always present, aesthetic sensitivity. The color scheme is also carefully supervised to contribute to this sense of open air breathing: the decorative project, in fact, ranges from the dusty nuances of plaster to mastic, from light greys to dark toffee, paired with the complementary blue. A tribute to the lake for these convivial rooms. Rooms for conversation… .