Flat no. 5

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Flat no. 5   PetroL MinimaL

Two levels for this “studio” with a private balcony (3sqm), from which you can admire the couture of the surrounding greenery. Comfortably communicating with the living area, it offers an original perspective view of the lake and its island and a view of an internal courtyard of the historic villa. In these environments, the interior design has aimed to create a dialogue between space and light, favoring a fusion between inside and outside. The latter especially comes into play with the presence of the main stone wall, painted, in this case, with white paint to amplify its brightness. The spaces are restful, tidy, fluid and the minimalist furnishings contribute to suggest the appearance of sober lightness. In the living area, with its compact kitchenette derived from a nautical concept, the petrol-blue sofa and chairs contrast harmoniously with the grey and turtledove palette of the structure. On the floor, the tactile and visual pleasure of the nuanced resin underlines the functionality and contemporaneity of the rooms. Adjacent to the living room is the bathroom. The natural colour of the stone, which characterizes the facade, is here re-proposed from the finish of the handmade Valcromath wardrobes, rigorously custom-made, placed at its entrance. From the living room, through an essential iron spiral staircase, also milk-white, you enter the master bedroom. On the fabric bed, the Velux filters further light as if in a game, invading the aquatic gradation of the velvet cushions and the softness of the boutis. Being suspended without enclosures, aside from the white iron balustrade, from this high floor you can appreciate the vertical interpretation of the perfectly enhanced and optimized spaces. A page on the different forms of creativity. A different perspective… .